Saturday, June 13, 2015

Going, going ......

Whew! That may have been my busiest day EVER in the shop.Lots and lots of dies went to their new homes (still plenty left though) Shimmer Sheetz are all gone, Distress markers have been selling like hotcakes at $2 each! Peel off stickers and metallic cardstock have also been selling fast. Thanks so much for being patient with me as I entered all those lovely discounts ... I'm very grateful to have a working computer today but there are still a couple of glitches ( like the tape printer not printing out receipts) which I hope to get fixed on Monday while I'm closed. I've decided to just give up on the debit/credit card processing for the last two weeks of business so please remember to bring cash or a cheque when you come in next week. Enjoy your weekend ... I believe it's almost time to put my feet up:)

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