Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March Contest Entries

Here are the fourteen fabulous entries for our March "Design a Card" contest. The cards will be on display in the store throughout March,and customers are invited to come in and vote for their favourite card. The card with the most votes at closing on March 31st will be declared the winner and the card creator will receive a $10 Papercraft Cafe Gift Card. If you live too far away to visit the store, we'd still love for you to share which is your favourite card by leaving a comment here, but online votes will not count in the contest. Because my computer skills are somewhat limited (....OK... VERY limited!!) I was unable to number the cards here, but the top card is number 1 and the last card is number 14 so I'm sure you can figure out the ones in between... lol! I am completely blown away by these cards. The variety of designs is amazing, considering everyone began with the same materials ( they were allowed to add extras.) Anyway, I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I have and don't forget to check in for the announcemnt of the winner and a brand new contest for April!


  1. Oh Marie, these cards are totally awesome - wish I could drop by and see them in the real. You have a lot of talented ladies there.