Friday, February 10, 2012

Two outta three ain't bad

Yes I know that title is full of bad grammar but it's a great song and it fits my's only February and already I'm getting behind on my class cards!!!! I've been trying all day to get card number three done for next week's classes, but it's not happening. So...... I figured two are better than none and some of you enjoy surprises right??? So maybe the third one will be surprise this time..LOL! Sometimes the problem is not coming up with an idea, but having TOO MANY ideas and not being able to narrow it down to just one! Card number one is mostly punched and die cut with a little dry embossing. This is the first time I've used google eyes with the owl punch and I kinda like it. Card number two is a clean and simple design which I used recently for a sympathy card. Quite a few ladies who attend regular classes have a selection of distress inks and so I'll be asking you to bring two or three colours that will blend well together for this background. You could use similar shades to mine, but it would also look great in blues, purples or just about anything you can imagine! If you don't have distress inks yet you can use mine, but be warned...once you try this technique you'll be hooked. Please bring your blending tool and sponges too if you have them.

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  1. thanks a lot, Marie-now I've got that song stuck in my head!! LOL