Friday, December 6, 2013

Last class of 2013

Well folks, here are two of the cards we'll make for next week's class, which is the last one of the year and also the last in this building. The first class of 2014 will be on Wednesday January 8th, which sounds really far away, but considering everything I have to get done between now and then, will probably arrive a bit sooner than I want it to ... lol!
I had fun making the snow globe card and will have a few suggestions for improvement on my sample card when we do the class. We'll be using chalk pastels for this class, so if you happen to have any of your own, bring them along. You'll also need a white gel pen. I think you'll love the "glowing lights" technique I used for the Christmas lights ... it's so easy and the effect is very pretty. I haven't made a third card yet as I'm still playing around with a couple of ideas. It will be class card number 73 for this year so I'm having a hard time narrowing down the ideas that are bouncing around in my poor little brain:)
Only 6 more days here on Main St. I'll miss my little store but I'm very excited to be opening up at home.
As soon as the rooms start looking something like a store and a classroom - although maybe I should call it the "playroom" - I'll post some photos. Wish me luck with all the packing and moving ... I think I'm going to need it! If you have a chance to stop in next Friday or Saturday, there should be some good bargains on the table,  ( less to pack is good right?)
Hope to see you soon!

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