Saturday, June 9, 2012

The tassel's worth the hassle!

Tomorrow I am driving to Kitchener to spend a couple of days with our daughter Andrea and attend her graduation from Sir Wilfred Laurier University's Bachelor of Education program. It's been a long haul for Andrea since she made the decision to go back and get her degree after completing a 2 year college diploma program and then working in the field of youth ministry for five years. Steve and I are both so proud of her for her dedication, hard work and sheer determination. I know she will make an excellent teacher...she's been teaching us since she could put three words together.... (I'll let you fill in blanks..!)
This is the card I made for her...totally snagged from one of my favourite You Tube channels! I hope she'll forgive my lack of originality just this once. I've been scrambling for ideas for class next week and I'm afraid you'll have to wait for the surprise, because they aren't done yet...sorry:( 
Have a wonderful weekend...enjoy the sunshine and don't forget to attend the yard sale here on Monday from noon till 6 pm. Danielle and Jennifer will have some great deals for you outside, (weather permitting) and I am marking down some older stock to make room for all the new goodies that keep pouring in. My sale stuff will all be on the big table inside, so please be sure to clear it out for me and save me a job when I get back on Tuesday...LOL!


  1. beautifully done marie! no wonder you're so proud and she must be very proud of herself too for all her work and perseverance.

  2. Thanks Linda...hope you enjoyed the sale yesterday.