Friday, August 3, 2012

Karen to the rescue!

I was so happy to see Karen walk into the store this morning. She's been on vacation and not only have  I missed her smiling face and sense of humour, but I needed to ask her if she would teach a card class when I get back from England. I knew I wouldn't get around to doing samples this week and I was right! I didn't even upload a photo of the third card from the last class!!!! If there was an Olympic event in procrastination I'd definitely walk away with a gold medal...LOL! Anyway,  Karen said yes (insert happy dance:)) and the samples shown here are all her designs, but we will probably tweak them a bit...changing colours, patterned paper, sentiments etc. for the class.

I will be flying out on Sunday and returning on Tuesday August 14th. The store will be closed other than Saturday the 11th, when Danielle will be here. If you would like to call on that day to book your class, please call her between 10 and 4 pm, or if you already know when you would like to attend give me a call today or tomorrow. Thanks and have a wonderful week:)


  1. aw, these are all so adorable! have a good trip marie!