Friday, October 12, 2012

Card Contest

Probably not everyone who reads my blog subscribes to my monthly newsletter, so if you are reading this, you may not know about my anniversary card contest. On Saturday October 20th I will be celebrating 3 whole years in business...YAY ME!!!!! Since we haven't had a contest in a while, I asked customers to make a card (front only) with a birthday or anniversary theme and to use only products purchased at Papercraft Cafe. I think the last part is what stumped everyone. We are so used to just reaching into our stash of goodies when we create something, that it's a bit of a chore to go through paper, punches, stamps, dies etc and figure out what we bought where. My reason for insisting that only products from the store are used is simple....people look at the cards and often ask, "Can I buy this stamp" (die, punch, flower etc) and I feel pretty silly telling them that I don't know where it's from or that it's from a company whose products  I don't or can't sell. That's all there is to it....I'm not trying to get people to buy a whole bunch of stuff to make a card...just show me what you can do with the stuff you've already bought here. Please list the products/tools you used to make your card on the back. A few customers have already submitted their cards because today was supposed to be the deadline, but I've decided to extend it until next Friday, because I am really hoping for a nice BIG display of cards to help celebrate my anniversary and to inspire other people to make cards. Voting will begin on October 20th and the winner will be announced on October 31st...BOO!
The winner will receive their choice of 6 x 6 paper pad and bragging rights of course. I hope you will consider entering the contest and be sure to stop in next Saturday for some fantastic specials and the chance to win a free card making class!

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