Friday, March 18, 2011

Spring is just around the corner!

I think the "springing forward" has really thrown me for a loop this year! I seem to be playing catch up with everything and here I am posting this week's class cards AFTER the classes are over! There is an advantage to this though....two of the three cards shown were actually made by people who came to class! We sometimes make minor changes to the sample card during the class and I often prefer the results that come from those changes, to the original card. For instance, the plant and the butterflies in the sheep card are different colours than I used in my card, and we came up with the idea of using punched butterflies as hair bows, to replace the ribbon tied bows on the original card. We also sponged around the sheeps' bodies with pumice stone distress ink to make them a bit less pristine looking(I've never seen a real sheep with fleece as white as snow...have you?)The tree card was also a slightly different version than the original. My first card had the tree stamped in green and I thought it was a little washed out looking, so I suggested using brown ink instead. I liked the result so much better that I decided to try overstamping mine with brown (without much hope of getting it lined up I might add.) I loved the resulting blurred image, but I don't think it would have been very easy on the eyes when viewing it online... lol! So I photographed the clear image card for my blog, but I'm keeping my original "blurry tree" 'cos I think it's pretty funky looking! Speaking of which, the stamp in question is from Unity Stamps. I just got them in last week and they're gone already! I had to borrow one to do the class LOL! The pink and black card is mine.. a quick and easy one that could work for many occasions.
Well I'd better get busy creating or I won't have photos to post in time for next week's class either. Have a great weekend:)

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