Saturday, June 18, 2011

Let your light shine.......

On Thursday June 16th I sat with hundreds of other proud parents, to watch our daughter Andrea, graduate from the 4 year honours program at the University of Waterloo. Andrea received her Bachelor of Arts Degree and is enrolled at Sir Wilfred Laurier University for this September to earn her teaching degree. It was a beautiful ceremony (although a long time to be sitting on I really enjoyed spending the last few days with her, knowing that the store was in good hands. Thanks so much to Wally, Danielle and Jennifer for pitching in so I could leave with a clear conscience:) I really wish I could take better photos of the cards I make. This one is so sparkly and elegant in real life, but it looks kinda flat and boring in the photo:( Anyway, back in our youth ministry days, Andrea and I used to talk a lot about letting your light shine, so that was the inspiration for this card. On Thursday morning, we attended a special Mass at St. Jerome's for the graduates from the Religious Studies program (Andrea's major)and the Scripture readings and Psalm, mentioned the word "Shine" repeatedly! I think I must have had a little "divine" inspiration when I made this card...LOL! Hopefully, the inspiration will continue, so I can get some cards uploaded for the upcoming classes this week. Enjoy your weekend.

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