Thursday, December 15, 2011

Double slider chocolate treat

How cute is this? Fun to make and so much fun to play with, I may not be able to give it away or even eat the chocolate bar myself....(OK that's a stretch lol!) Wally brought this idea in and has patiently showed two classes of ladies how to make this already. She's back tonight for our last class before Christmas. You can decorate however you like, but I'm lovin' my new Sizzix reindeer die. Thanks to Michele for thinking of adding the little red adorable. We'll have to do these again for Valentines day, Easter and whatever other occasion I can come up with that involves chocolate......


  1. this is just gorgeous, girl-that die is fabulous and anything involving chocolate gets 2 thumbs up from me!! :)

  2. a beautiful treat holder; a great way to give (or keep) chocolates. :)