Monday, December 5, 2011

Variations on a theme

I thought I'd try two cards using the same embossing folder for this week's class. I still need to tweak these a little and the photos are horrible...sorry. Today is one of THOSE days, when nothing works properly. I finally got the samples finished and photographed after glitter, embossing, gluing and camera issues and then my computer tells me that Blogger no longer wants to talk to my web browser and I need to install a new program....Grrrrr! Rainy days and Mondays AND computers always get me down! (apologies to the Carpenters for changing their song lyrics but it's true! I was going to work on card number 3 and get it uploaded, but the mail lady just delivered a package with new goodies so I think I'll switch gears and see if I have more luck with unpacking and entering new inventory.....wish me luck!

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