Friday, April 30, 2010

Sooooooo close!

The votes are counted and it was so close this time...but once again Lynn takes first prize with her fabulous little cork bird card. Second and third place were each one vote apart and ALL the cards were so creative I honestly wouldn't have been able to choose one as a favourite. Each one has one or more recycled or repurposed items on it and customers really enjoyed hearing about the "Ingredients" of each card. Congratulations Lynn... and because it was such a close one, I am going to award a free crop session to June who came second with her fabulous paper rolled card with the little twig and bird and also to Kathy who did such a great job punching squares out of a grocery flyer and matting them together on a top note die for her "baby" card. Those are the first 3 photos and the remainder of the cards are in no particular order (did that sound like results night on Dancing with the stars? LOL)Thanks to everyone for taking the challenge and to everyone who voted. The new contest begins tomorrow and I will also have next week's class samples up...yes! I'm early for once.....!

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  1. Congratulations Lynn! These cards are All amazing - talented ladies you have there, Marie.