Saturday, January 29, 2011

Early card class samples....yes really!

Can you beleive I actually have 3 samples made, photographed and uploaded by Saturday morning????? Me! I had the teddy bear one done on Thursday and completed the other 2 yesterday after much mind-changing about papers, stamps, layout, techniques and just about everything else. You should have seen the mess I made on that big table before I finally decided what I was doing! they are. Two cute and cuddly valentines and one bold bright one! Sentiments can be added, changed left off...whatever your little heart desires. I really like the sentiment "I love you the most" on the bunny card, but you can't really give it to your child or grandchild...unless of course you only have ONE...or you want to start a war LOL. The red and white one is a gatefold card and the image and tag are both heat embossed. This one could be used as an anniversary card if you didn't want to use it as a Valentine. The teddy bear card could be for just about any occasion, and I have a number of different sentiment stamps that will work with the bunny card, or it could be left without a sentiment and a ribbon could be added to the panel beside the image. Well, it's another frosty day and I'm kinda glad I changed my mind about driving to Toronto this weekend as we're supposed to get a lot of snow on Tuesday and that's when I would have been driving back. I really wanted to attend the open house at the Japanese Paper Place, but I'll have to wait until the better weather arrives....ahhhhh spring! I can hardly wait! Have a wonderful weekend.

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