Saturday, January 15, 2011

Why are men so difficult?????

Well....not men in particular (although there are moments... ), but creating cards for men is very challenging for me. I've heard the same comment from many other card makers, so I thought I'd take up the challenge and try to create 3 "manly" cards for this week's class. I left this one sentiment free, basically because I didn't have a stamp that I felt worked with the image, but I think a computer generated sentiment cut out with a small tag punch and attached to the twine would work well. How about.... "To my favourite handy man"? I'm taking suggestions for this one, so how about leaving a comment with your idea for a fun (or sappy) sentiment for this card. If it's too long for the front, it could go inside. Or it could be a two parter. Let's have some fun, but keep it clean! down, two to go.....

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